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Survival is the key to all aspects of her life. Nothing has come easy, hard work and dedication has been the strong point behind her success. She has never allowed herself to sink in times where she felt not capable. She aligned herself with positive thinking individuals and like-minded individuals to uplift her. She swallowed her pride and ego, and focused on the goals. She used her weakness to enhance her strength. She never backed off from a challenge. She accepted that despite her limitations she had time to grasp the moment and put her best foot forward.

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Interest in Children and Schools
Great interest in school kids and their well being . Many projects are held in schools to advocate for NO CRIME CULTURE In schools.

  1. Businesswoman.
  2. Change Facilitator.
  3. Women's Leadership.
  4. Motivational Speaker.
  5. Women's Interest and national and international award winner.



Vino Govender is currently the Managing Director of LA Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd.
The Company supports sustainable social development and upliftment with a particular focus on education especially in the science and engineering field. Through supervision and mentoring being provided, the communities especially women in which the Company operates benefit long-term when skills are transferred to them. The Company basically supports the industry in ensuring that Training and Development programs are in place for the development of the staff. The Company also offers mentoring and training to other SMME organisations which supports the industry in developing those organisations.

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It is BBBEE implemented where 51% share of the Company is owned by a women, Vino Govender. In addition, she has 21 years of experience working at all levels of accounting services and managing positions. There is no doubt that the training and coaching that Ms Govender delivers also positively impacts the lives of so many and she has already made a difference especially to women. She has excellent people skills and doesn't shy away from difficult conversations constructively held. She is a remarkable role model to so many individuals and continues to give her heart and soul to so many people in need.


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